ViraHawk - Automated Fever Screening​

Automatic fever screening for 24/7 monitoring with no manual labour

A key part of preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 is the identification of individual infection carriers.

Since 2003, these solutions have become evermore widespread, but with the drawback of having to be manually monitored 24/7. The ViraHawk is a fully automated fever screening solution.

When someone with an increased body temperatur is detected an alert is sent to a dedicated resource at your premises such as a shift leader, someone in the reception or a security guard who can take further needed actions.​

ViraHawk and Infra Group

Infra Group Nordic is a distributor and integrator of the ViraHawk Automatic Fever Screening solutions.

We offer both single camera solutions and large global roll out-projects.

Some customers have high security demands and need customer specific integrations in high security facilities. Infra Group has a proven record from meeting these demanding challenges.


ViraHawk is an AI powered Automated Fever Screening solution.


ViraHawk is built for scaling from the ground up – intended for global deployments of many cameras in a single facility.


Greatly improves scalability, effectiveness and cost base compared to competing solutions

Case studies


  • Nursing homes have been particularly exposed to COVID-19.
  • Staff and inhabitants of Karstensminde Nursing Home have been worried.
  • 100+ inhabitants use their facilities.
  • Significant visitor traffic over weekends.


  • ViraHawk installed at main entrance.
  • Employees and inhabitants curious and appreciate the solution as a safety measure.
  • 1200+ measurements monthly.
  • Now expanding to cover all entrances and to group companies.


  • Major global manufacturing company.
  • Fever screening every employee, at every entrance, every morning – with hand scanners.
  • Immense labour cost.


  • ViraHawk units installed at major entrances.
  • Labour cost reduced.
  • Number of scannings performed increased dramatically.
  • Scannings per day increased from 1 per person to 5.
  • Statistical analysis shows accuracy higher than hand scanners.


  • Major global logistics company.
  • No fever screening.
  • Large number of people in close proximity every morning.
  • Employees from a range of European countries.


  • ViraHawk units installed at major entrance used by truck drivers.
  • 200+ scannings per day per camera across the entire workday (from 3-22).
  • Preventative effect, particularly towards employees who cannot work from home.

For more information contact sales:

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